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Looking to buy Foreign movies? Come see our huge selection of Foreign movies. Discover the world of movies that lies outside of Hollywood and your local movie theatre -- each year hundreds of great movies are produced in Europe, Asia, and beyond. Unfortunately most of these movies never obtain North American distribution

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Foreign Movies from Europe including Germany, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and more ...

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Most foreign movies are never shown to a large movie audience in North America. They are often relegated to the small art house movie theater or perhaps not even shown at all
But now thanks to the dvd and vhs movie ... it is now possible to enjoy a wide range of otherwise unavailable foreign films ...[Read More]
One of the best advances which is made possible by the dvd movie revolution is the ability to encode different soundtracks on the same disk: thus you can watch the movie in its original language, or dubbed with translation, or with subtitles. ... [Read More]
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French Cinema Alphaville - Criterion Collection
(French, DVD)

Part science fiction and part hard-boiled detective yarn, Alphaville presents a futuristic scenario using the most modern and impersonal architecture that Godard could find in mid-'60s Paris. A haggard private eye (Eddie Constantine) is sent to an ultramodern city run by a master computer, where his mission is to locate and rescue a scientist who is trapped there. As the story unfolds on Godard's strictly low-budget terms, the movie tackles a variety of topics such as the dehumanizing effect of technology, willful suppression of personality, saturation of commercial products, and, of course,   More ...
Italian Movies L'Avventura - Criterion Collection
(Italian, DVD)

Considered by many to be his masterpiece, L’Avventura positioned Michelangelo Antonioni as an international talent. What appears to be a search for a missing person is actually an examination of alienation and self-discovery found along a voyage through the morally decadent world of the idle rich. Less concerned with a smooth plotline, Antonioni tells his story through the use of symbolic images and flawless character development. Using 'real time’ camera shots and rich, landscape imagery, Michelangelo Antonioni creates an unpredictable world where nothing is ever resolved. Ironically, what makes L’Avventura so unpredictable is the high level of realism portrayed by each character and their environments. This isn’t your packaged, formulaic film with a happy ending.   More ...
German Movies The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (German, DVD)
(German, DVD)

Rainer Werner Fassbinder adapted his own play for this modern twist on The Women, the great all-female Hollywood classic of sex and social conventions in high society. Margit Carstensen is successful dress designer Petra, Irm Hermann her silent, obedient secretary/servant/Girl Friday Marlene (whom she alternately abuses and ignores), and Hanna Schygulla the callow, shallow young Karin, a seemingly naive blond beauty Petra treats as part protegée, part pet, until the calculating kitten turns on Petra. Michael Ballhaus's prowling camera finds Marlene silently hovering on the borders of Petra's dramas, looking on through doors and windows like an adoring lover from afar.   More ...
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp  
(British, DVD)

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's first Technicolor masterpiece, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), transcends its narrow wartime propaganda to portray in warm-hearted detail the life and loves of one extraordinary man. The film's clever narrative structure first presents us with the imposingly rotund General Clive Wynne-Candy (Roger Livesey in his greatest screen performance), a blustering old duffer who seems the epitome of stuffy, outmoded values. But traveling backwards 40 years we see a different man altogether: the young and dashing officer "Sugar" Candy. Through a series of affecting relationships with three women (all played to perfection by Deborah Kerr) and his touching lifelong friendship with a German officer (Anton Wallbrook), we see Candy's life unfold and come to understand how difficult it is for him to adapt his sense of military honor to modern notions of "total war."   More ...

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